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Ultimul Tango La Paris Online Subtitrat

Inspector Bellamy (French version, 137 min). When a man says he has committed a murder, a famous Parisian inspector listens carefully, not knowing what to believe or what to think. The cast is the same as the Unrated version, but this version has been digitally restored to the best of the original negative. (Unrated: 106 min). Three and a half stars.

Ultimul Tango La Paris Online Subtitrat

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La Chinoise (Unrated, 106 minutes). A French New Wave classic, the film stars Isabelle Huppert in the role of Catherine, a young woman in New Tusksport. While shooting her latest feature, La Chinoise, using underground locations, Paris, and director

A man tries to cope with his adolescence in 1980s France. His neighbour advises him, Go to a movie house. The better advice. The film concerns Daniel, an adolescent, suffering from perineum lipomas and enjoying sex far beyond his years, who meets virgin Olympe (Annie Girardot) at a party and enters into a love affair which goes far beyond virginity, into taboo territory. There are echoes of Federico Fellinis repressed boy-child in this film - which the Fellini comparison may make too easy.

Description: It's time for you to get down to business; drop your trousers and enjoy five satisfying scenes, all shot by a real-life model. As Paul, a gravely brooding American guy who's looking for peace and quiet, Paul stalks the streets of Paris until, while apartment hunting, he faces Jeanne, an unknown girl across an empty room. Brutally, without a word, he rapes the soon-compliant stranger. It should have been hit-and-run sex, but Paul stays at the scene of the erotic accident.


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