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Download Bitcoin Mining Software For Mac !!INSTALL!!

Cryptocurrency mining software enables the mining of new cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin. Crypto mining software can run on different machines such as computers and mining rigs, and is used to manage and improve the crypto mining process.Compare the best Cryptocurrency Mining software for Mac currently available using the table below.

Download Bitcoin Mining Software For Mac

Cudo Miner is a crypto mining software that features an automatic algorithm switching for maximum profitability. This cryptocurrency miner also lets users control GPU usage, and it also earns even when the system is idle.

But while Bitcoin mining requires finding high-quality hardware to have the best chance at profitability, running the right software on your machine is equally important. There are dozens of Bitcoin mining software to choose from, each with different features and supporting specific use cases.

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  • Supports multiple operating systems

  • Compatible with multiple types of hardware

  • Mine multiple cryptocurrencies at once

  • ConsCommand-line interface only

  • Not for beginners

  • Some compatibility issues with Windows 10

HIGHLIGHTSPlatform Windows, Mac, LinuxFees NoneComplexity High Why we chose it: CGMiner is one of the original Bitcoin mining software on the market, offering an open-source mining program that is cross-compatible with multiple operating systems and mining hardware configurations. Open-source software allows you to modify the software as you wish and there are no licensing restrictions with how it is used. Founded in 2011, CGMiner has been kept up-to-date since, and is a great option for single miners or mining pools.

  • Start MiningBest for Beginners: NiceHash Miner ProsSimple user interface

  • Setup takes only a few minutes

  • Mobile app available

  • ConsQuickMiner only works with NVIDIA cards

  • Can only mine Bitcoin

  • 2% fee assessed on payments

HIGHLIGHTSPlatform Windows, Mac, LinuxFees 2% fee for paymentsComplexityLow Why we chose it: NiceHash is an easy-to-use Bitcoin mining software with a simple interface that allows users to choose their hardware type and download the appropriate software. Once set up (which only takes a few clicks), NiceHash will optimize the mining operations for your software and hardware setup, without the need to tweak settings.

  • Start MiningBest for Customization: BFGMiner ProsCan customize most settings

  • Supports mining multiple cryptocurrencies

  • Remote access available

  • Can run on a Raspberry Pi

  • ConsCommand-line interface only

  • Hasn't been updated since 2018

HIGHLIGHTSPlatform Windows, Mac, LinuxFees NoneComplexity High Why we chose it: BFGMiner is a fully-customizable Bitcoin mining software that allows users to run ASIC and FPGA mining rigs (not GPU compatible). BFGMiner offers loads of settings, including controllable fan speeds, clocking speeds, idle thread control and the ability to mine multiple cryptocurrencies at the same time.

BFGMiner allows you to hash on multiple mining algorithms at the same time, which can help you optimize your hardware while mining for different cryptocurrencies. This software is available for free on Github, but support is only available on the BitcoinTalk forums.

  • Start MiningBest for Different Cryptos: Cudo Miner ProsSupports 9 cryptos from five algorithms

  • Auto-detects the most profitable coin to mine

  • Supports GPU, CPU and ASIC miners

  • ConsHigh fees for miners (up to 6.5%)

  • No built-in crypto wallet

HIGHLIGHTSPlatform Windows, Mac, LinuxFees 1.5% - 6.5%Complexity Low Why we chose it: Cudo Miner is a well-designed and versatile cryptocurrency mining software that supports nine crypto on five different algorithms. Cudo also uses artificial intelligence to automatically detect the best performing coin and switch over to that coin for you, enhancing your mining profitability.

Besides having nine coins for mining, Cudo also offers four different cryptocurrency payout options: bitcoin, CUDOS, Ethereum, Monero and Alogrand. It supports GPU, CPU and ASIC mining as well as Windows, Mac and Linux devices.

Cudo Miner is free to download and set up, but it charges a fee based on the amount of cryptocurrency mined over a 30-day period. While top miners that produce over 10 BTC are only charged a 1.5% mining service fee, users that mine less than 0.005 BTC over a 30-day period are charged 6.5%, which is high.

  • Start MiningBest Open-Source Software: MultiMiner ProsUtilizes BFGMiner mining engine

  • Graphical interface for ease-of-use

  • Open-source code available on GitHub

  • ConsNot natively compatible with Mac or Linux

  • Doesn't have many advanced settings

HIGHLIGHTSPlatform Windows (Mac and Linux requires additional software)FeesNoneComplexity Medium Why we chose it: MultiMiner is an open-source Bitcoin mining software available on GitHub with no licensing requirements. This means that users can modify the software as needed to fit their own mining needs. MultiMiner was developed by the founder of BFGMiner, and actually utilizes the same mining engine as BFGMiner.

MultiMiner also allows you to mine multiple cryptocurrencies and supports ASIC, GPU and CPU mining hardware. And while the software supports Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems, you need additional software to achieve full compatibility with Mac and Linux.

  • Start MiningBest for Automation: Kryptex Miner ProsCan run in your computer's background

  • Supports mining several cryptocurrencies

  • Automated coin switching for maximum profit

  • Multiple payout methods (BTC or cash)

  • ConsCharges high withdrawal fees

  • Doesn't work well on basic hardware

HIGHLIGHTSPlatform WindowsFees 0.00005 BTC (or 3%)ComplexityLow Why we chose it: Kryptex Miner is a cryptocurrency mining software that uses your computer power to mine Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in the background. The software is only available for Windows, and registered users can download it for free.

  • Start MiningBest for Centralized Management: Awesome Miner ProsManage multiple miners in one place

  • Supports 50 mining engines

  • Supports multiple types of hardware

  • Remote access available via browser

  • ConsMonthly subscription required for all features

  • Mac OS not supported

HIGHLIGHTSPlatform Windows, LinuxFees$2/month per minerComplexity Medium Why we chose it: Awesome Miner is a powerful Bitcoin mining software that offers centralized management of your cryptocurrency mining farm or mining pool. It integrates with over 50 mining engines and works with all of the most popular algorithms.

  • Start MiningBest for Fast Setup: EasyMiner ProsMine Bitcoin, Litecoin and other crypto

  • Automatically starts mining upon activation

  • Easy-to-use interface

  • ConsOnly supports CPU and GPU mining

  • Forces Litecoin mining

  • Website is very dated

HIGHLIGHTSPlatformWindowsFees NoneComplexity Low Why we chose it: Easy Miner is not a misnomer. As an open-source software that's free to download, it allows users to quickly start mining Bitcoin and Litecoin with just a few clicks. Easy Miner is also designed to detect your mining hardware and optimize the settings for profitability.

Easy Miner offers a graphical user interface that is great for both beginners and advanced users who want to quickly configure their mining setup. The software is designed to mine both Bitcoin and Litecoin simultaneously. Upon activation, Easy Miner will automatically create a Litecoin wallet, begin mining using your CPU and give you Litecoin reward.

Bitcoin mining software utilizes the processing power of your hardware to solve complex mathematical computations in competition to solve for a hash. A hash is an alphanumeric code that represents data on the Bitcoin network (transactions, etc.). The hash contains the information for the next block in the blockchain as well as the previous block, which ensures the data is accurate and in order. The computer that solves for the hash is allowed to mine the next block on the Bitcoin blockchain and collect a block reward (currently 6.25 BTC per block).

Essentially, Bitcoin mining software take as many guesses at the hash as possible in the shortest amount of time, increasing the device's odds of earning a block reward and giving miners a competitive advantage. However, the advanced hardware required to power Bitcoin mining software uses an enormous amount of electricity, which can have a considerable environmental impact.

Nevertheless, a few mining software companies charge a monthly fee for use (usually just a few dollars per mining rig), while others charge service fees (typically 1% to 6.5%) that are deducted from your total mining profits.


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