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Blue Lock - Episode 8

The game starts. Isagi notes they studied the enemy team pattern and the initiator of all their attacks is Mikage. Bachira and Isagi block him, which forces Mikage to pass to Tsurugi, all of which Team Z is aware of. Isagi notes that Tsurugi tends to score mid-range shots from a tighter angle on the right side of the goal, however that path is blocked by Raichi and Imamura. With this, he predictable passes to Nagi and Igarashi easily interrupts and steals the ball. Team Z's counterattack starts and Isagi passes to Bachira. Only a few of Team Z are involved in the attack so they keep their defense up. Bachira then gives a super-long pass to Gagamaru, who does a head dive but hits the post. Seeing this, Mikage gets any more. He tells Nagi he wants to try that move. He gives a super long pass, copying Bachira. Nagi then jumps and catches the ball with his leg, managing to calm and control it. Nagi then takes a shot and scores, leaving Iemon unable to react. Nagi then states it was easy and wonders why they couldn't do it before that.

Blue Lock - Episode 8

With a score of 8.24 now, Blue Lock has dropped to the tenth position on MyAnimeLists's Fall Anime Rankings. Admittedly, anyone who thought from the first episode that this was going to be more Squid Game than sports anime is likely to have dropped it by now. But for anyone who wants a sports anime trying to overthrow tropes and bring some excitement to the screen, Blue Lock has been delivering.

Episode 8 was all about strategies and formulas again, and it's likely that Isagi's own formula is going to be revealed in an upcoming episode. Barou was only the beginning, and we will likely be seeing more of him again soon as well.

I'm very impressed with how much ground this episode covered. Not only do we have the established backstory for the main players on the opposing team, but we also got more insight into how Isagi will develop his skills moving forward. That this development is motivated by facing a stronger former rival is a great trope that I always appreciate in these types of sports series. The thing that Ego brings up regarding how a good striker needs to be able to recreate the conditions where they were guaranteed to get a shot at all times makes sense in a heightened reality kind of way. It actually reminded me of Baby Steps, another sports anime I liked, where the main character mapped out specific areas on a tennis court and would calculate the angle at which he was hitting the ball in order to hit those specific markers. Here it's the reverse: instead of using his skill offensively to re-create ideal parameters, Isagi is instead analyzing another player's ideal parameters so that he can strategize a way to stop them. It's a surprisingly defensive tactic for a striker, and I'm curious how it's going to be applied in the upcoming match.

Next week's match definitely feels like it's going to be the type where strategy is pitted against raw talent. In fact, the episode basically ends with that display where Team Z narrowly missed their goal after a bunch of strategizing and analysis of the opposing team, only for that opposing team to recreate a better shot after just watching it once. I'm not sure how I feel about Nagi, the white-haired slacker genius boy, because I never know what to think about those types of characters that are presented as a paradox. I'm glad that we got the backstory about his friend who pulled him into the world of soccer but I'm curious as to what his thoughts are regarding the sport and the effort everyone is putting into it. I'm also curious to see what he'll look like when pushed. This is shaping up to be one of the more defining matches of the season, so let's hope it lives up to that expectation.

In the previous Blue Lock Additional Time clip from episode 7, we saw Chigiri attempting to pin his hair up in a bun as Rensuke offers him a hairband instead. Rensuke shares how he has two sisters, one old and one younger, which means that he is actually quite knowledgeable about this type of stuff.

Blue Lock episode 8 is scheduled to be released on Saturday, November 26, 2022. Crunchyroll will be streaming the anime to North American fans. Muse Asia and Netflix will be streaming the series in selected regions.

Blue Lock episode guide is here! Whether you are a soccer fan or not, it does not matter because this anime will even compel non-soccer fans to watch till the end. Each episode ends with a massive cliffhanger that one could ask for. The anime is currently trending and has taken the place of rank #7 in March 2023.

The first episode created a buzz online on October 9th with its unique concept and splendid animation. The vibe and visuals are top notches, and you can feel the tense atmosphere from the screen; itself. Now enough with the introduction. We know you are here for the released dates, so just scroll down below for the timetable and episode lists of Blue Lock.

Some people are excessively obsessed with football and this has been portrayed brilliantly through Blue lock anime. There are flaws in the story, but; the efforts and points that, they showed through the anime deserve a standing ovation for sure.

In the last Blue Lock Additional Time clip from episode 7, Chigiri was trying to make a bun with his hair, but Rensuke gave him a hairband instead. Rensuke says that he has two sisters, one who is older and one who is younger. This means that he knows a lot about this kind of thing because he has two sisters. 041b061a72


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