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[S1E11] Because She's There

The night before the launch, Ryan sat down and wrote a letter to Carter. For the past few years, she'd kept a secret from him. She had been researching the connection between magnetite and seismic activity. The space mission was a cover story to test her theory. If her theory works, they'll have the ability to not only detect earthquakes, but also predict when they will strike, saving countless lives. In the wrong hands though, this technology can also cause earthquakes. Ryan knew there were people out there who would be glad to see her mission fail. She suspected Judy Hayward, her mission's project manager, but didn't have any evidence to prove it. She apologizes for lying to Carter, and Hayley, and Alex, but it was to keep them safe. Also, despite her not appearing much, I love Ryan's actress, Selina Giles. Her character is allowed to be emotional, but also strong, and accepting of the fact that she could very well die. She doesn't look like a flawless, unrealistic supermodel, and actually looks like she's in her 40's. I looked it up, and I think she was 44 when the show started shooting, and her character was 41. But what happens next exemplifies one of my main problems with the entire first season of the show, and the first half of season 2. What happens is that Eric, that effing bastard, finishes reading the letter, so he takes out a lighter, and burns it, to ensure that Carter, his supposed best friend, never finds out the truth. He's doing this for money. Monetary gain. We the audience now know a lot about this conspiracy, but after two months at the Greenhouse, the people we're supposed to be rooting for know almost nothing. Only two teenage girls have any information, and they're never gonna to talk to each other. There's dramatic irony, and then there's frustrating, infuriating anger at the pace being too slow in the first 3/4ths, partly because of the normal teenage drama that we've already seen in a million other shows and movies, and then it moves way too fast in the last quarter, making for an unbelievable conclusion that's only a little satisfactory, and leaves a lot of unanswered questions or unexplored plot lines, plots that would've been far more intriguing than the aforementioned teenage drama. Also, you'd think the fire would set off some sort of alarm inside the federal building, even if it is a small fire, but nope! I guess there's no security cameras either. Or Marcus erased the footage, and no one thinks it's suspicious. I don't care how hauntingly beautiful the music is! Sophie is planning the dance. It's that night. It turns out that Parker likes her. Hayley is having her dad help her decide which dress to bring from her closet. She can't decide, and he doesn't have a clue, because Ryan never wore dresses. She's glad that he has his old job back. Max asks Jackie to the Halloween dance, since Emma said she wasn't going. Jackie says no too though, because she's not going either. Hayley sees them talking, and tells her dad to bring both dresses. Parker wants Daniel to talk to Brooke to see if Sophie is dating anyone. Daniel gets mad when he sees Brooke and Alex taking selfies together. Sophie notices, and asks Alex for help with the party decorations. She knows Daniel is mad at the world, but has an idea that might calm him down. Parker asks Sophie to be his date to the dance, but she says she just agreed to go with Alex. Carter gives the two dresses to Hayley, and one of Ryan's necklaces. Leo is practicing a song for the dance. Brooke and Sophie talk about Daniel and Alex. Sophie said Alex had to ask her to the dance to get Daniel off his back. Alex isn't afraid to be himself, which she thinks is cool. And he's cute. Daniel tells Parker that Alex is a snake. He's convinced that he pretended to be their friend just to hit on Brooke, and is trying to come between him and Parker now. He tells him that Alex is the one who said Parker shouldn't run for captain. Now Parker's mad at him too. The dance theme is technically Back to the Future, but the 50s Enchantment Under the Sea dance parts. As such, Max looks goofy and out of place in his Doc Brown outfit. Hayley wears the light blue dress, and Jackie wears the red and/or pink one. It turns out she has a tattoo. She agrees to go with Max, but sets some ground rules first: No slow dancing, no calling her his date, and don't quote Back to the Future to her ever again. Leo and Hayley kiss again. Daniel refuses to dance with Brooke. Emma is dressed up for the dance, and is looking at Max's chess pieces. She takes out her Louie and calls Brandon Thomas again. She still gets his voicemail. This time, she says who she is, and asks to talk to him about his satellite. I especially love how afterwards, she moves a white chess piece and says checkmate, as if saying that she's smarter than Jason, and will stop him and the conspiracy. Sophie tells Parker that he's an amazing DJ. Jason tapped Emma's Louie, because of course he did. Leo starts playing Johnny B. Goode. Emma arrives at the dance, and Max sees her. She loves Back to the Future. Max has a mini flux capacitor. They dance, and Jackie seems left out. Brooke finally decides to have some fun, no matter what Daniel thinks. Leo wrote a song for Hayley, which he performs. A woman with black hair and of Asian ethnicity arrives at the school. She shows up at the dance, and Leo is shocked to see her. Her name is Aspen Fairchild. Yes, seriously. I hate her. She has a British accent. She kisses Leo. Hayley is shocked.

[S1E11] Because She's There

David Petrarca is another one of those seasoned TV directors. I'm happy I stumbled across his IMDB, because he directed an episode of "Popular," a show I used to watch in middle school and had completely forgot about until just now. It was a delightfully fun/campy Ryan Murphy show and I was obsessed with Mary Cherry, played by Leslie Grossman. I just spent 15 minutes watching this Mary Cherry highlight reel and I have zero regrets. (This was also a good read.) Leslie Grossman hasn't really done anything remarkable since this show, which is a damn shame because she is incredible. I guess she's in the new season of "American Horror Story," but I unfortunately don't watch that and can't justify starting it just for her.

In all actuality, Lorelai probably isn't even that concerned with Rory's feelings. After all, she's willing to put her into an incredibly awkward situation by requesting that she return "Swann's Way" to Max at parent's day. Like always, Lorelai is simply using Rory as an excuse for avoiding emotional vulnerability. Lorelai is the one who's afraid of getting hurt in the event of a break-up. Lorelai is the immature one who lies to her daughter and can't even admit that she doesn't want to go to parent's day because she's avoiding Max. It's pretty satisfying when Rory calls her on her shit:

Eva and the girls are discussing last night in the kitchen when Sana asks if Eva's mom is never home. Eva says she is but that she got a new job so she has to travel a lot and that she's home every other week. Chris claims it's cool that she can do what she wants. Chris then juggles eggs and drops them, while Noora asks about Eva's dad. Eva states her dad lives in Bergen and that her parents are divorced. Eva says she moved when she was 12. Sana asks if she has contact with him and Eva says she does but that they lost contact when they moved because her dad got remarried and his new wife was a bit jealous.

Eva and Noora are walking down the stairs when Eva mentions Justin Bieber again. She shows Noora something, and Noora admits she saw that. Justina then approaches them, inviting them to the tree lighting on Friday. She asks if they'll come, and Eva says maybe. Justina says they have to because the entire school will be there. Eva agrees that they will come then, and they walk off.

She then says that they should do a blood test. Vilde says she already took a test on Friday. The doctor looks at it and asks if she had sex on Friday. Vilde says she hasn't, and Chris asks if she's certain because there are a few hours she blacked out.

The doctor then says the test is an ovulation test, and explains what it means. The girls then all cheer, and Vilde says there is more, stating she is sick in the morning and that she has a bloated stomach that has gotten bigger. The doctor examines her and asks about her diet. Vlde states she at a cola light and gum since it's early in the morning. The doctor says there isn't a baby in her stomach, but air in her intestines. The doctor explains how her diet of gum and cola light caused it. The doctor jokes about a colostomy. She then tells Vilde she can't live on cola and gum, and that's the point she's trying to make.

When Jonas asks about it being a dumb choice, she says it was because it made her feel like shit. She says she walked around paranoid all the time thinking there might be something between him and Ingrid. She explains how she thought if he could do something like that to Ingrid, he could do the same thing to her. She asks if he understands, and Jonas nods.

Elena and Damon are back to Mystic Falls and Elena finally talks to Stefan asking him the truth and if he was with her because of her resemblance to Katherine. Stefan explains that she is nothing like Katherine and he noticed that before they even met. He reveals to her that he was there the night she had the accident with her parents and that he was the one who saved her. He tried to save her parents as well but it was too late. Since then he began watching her to be sure that she was not Katherine and he figured out how different she was from her.

No, but it's going on in your head. And that... sometimes you and I are the same in their standpoint, because we have a lot of conversation going on in our head when people are doing things or act in a certain way when your brother's talking too much or your sisters. Yeah, we have a conversation going on in our mind. So yes, you are the quiet one. But like mom says, silent but deadly. Because over the years, when you do speak up, we amazes us because we'll sit back. And it's like, there used to be a commercial on TV, it was called when EF Hutton when, when they speak, everybody listens. And that's how it is, whatever you'd say someone was like, wow, that's real profound. And that's what you've been able to do over the years. And that's why I wanted you to be here with us today. Because I think what I would like us to do in this podcast is talk about the person who may... one, feel like in a family, in a business environment, even -... a person who may feel like they are a black sheep, because they're different than the others in the family. And then I wanted to come from the standpoint of a parent, or even business owner who looks at a child and says, okay, where do I help my child fit in? Because that's, that's our role. That's our role. So did you ever feel like a black sheep? 041b061a72


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