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If My Heart Had Wings Flight Diary crack and patch

If My Heart Had Wings Flight Diary is a visual novel game that is a sequel to the original If My Heart Had Wings. It features six stories of the members of the Soaring Club, who pursue their dreams of flying in the sky. The game was released by MoeNovel in 2019, but it was heavily censored and altered from the original Japanese version. Many fans of the game were disappointed by the changes and wanted to experience the game as it was intended by the developers.

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Fortunately, some dedicated fans have created patches that restore the original content and improve the translation of the game. These patches are unofficial and not supported by MoeNovel, so use them at your own risk. However, many players have reported that they work well and enhance the game experience. Here are some of the patches that are available for If My Heart Had Wings Flight Diary:

  • Konosora/IMHHW ReTranslation patch: This patch replaces the official English translation with a new one that is more faithful to the original Japanese script. It also restores the censored content, such as nudity and sexual scenes, and adds a PDF file with translation notes. The patch works with both the Japanese version of Konosora and the MoeNovel/Steam version of If My Heart Had Wings. You can download it from [this Reddit post].

  • If My Heart Had Wings -Flight Diary- Restoration Patch: This patch restores the censored content in the Steam version of If My Heart Had Wings -Flight Diary-. It also includes uncensored images for Hotaru, Ageha, and Kotori, and adds the Ageha+Hotaru route that was missing from the official release. The patch only works with the Steam version of the game, and it requires some manual steps to install. You can download it from [this Reddit post].

  • Flight diary restoration patch: This patch claims to restore the censored content in If My Heart Had Wings -Flight Diary-, but it has not been verified by many users. It also requires a password to extract the files, which is not provided by the uploader. The patch may be unsafe or malicious, so use it with caution. You can find it on [this blog].

If you want to enjoy If My Heart Had Wings Flight Diary as it was originally created, you can try these patches and see if they work for you. However, be aware that they may cause some issues or errors with your game, so make sure to backup your files before applying them. Also, respect the rights of the original developers and do not distribute or share these patches without their permission.


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