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Guide to Parlay Betting on W88 | Get Up to 100% Up to 6,150,000 VND

Parlay betting, also known as combo bets or Mix Parlay, is a form of multi-bet wagering in the realm of football. Players can choose up to 20 bets simultaneously across various matches.

Instead of placing a single bet on one match, parlay betting on w88 bookmaker website allows you to wager on multiple matches at once. Parlays not only increase your chances of winning but also serve as a strategy to mitigate risks. Let's delve into what parlay betting entails and how to place these bets on W88 to claim up to 100% up to 6,150,000 VND.

What is Parlay Betting?

Parlay betting, also referred to as combo bets or Mix Parlay, is a strategy that enables players to place simultaneous bets on multiple events or outcomes. The goal of parlay betting is to increase the chances of winning and sometimes reduce risk by dispersing the amount wagered.

Parlay Betting on W88:

At W88, players can engage in parlay betting across all sports such as football, basketball, volleyball, etc., and across all types of odds including Asian handicap, European handicap, over/under, etc. A parlay bet encompasses multiple single bets on one match, single bets across multiple matches, or multiple bets across different matches.

This allows players to potentially earn larger rewards compared to betting on a single match, creating a more diverse and enticing betting experience.

Rules of Football Parlay Betting on W88 | Master the Game Rules in 03 Minutes:

The rules of parlay betting in football may vary depending on the bookmaker and specific regulations of each betting platform. In W88, there are several types of parlay betting:

Parlay 2: Placing two single bets within one parlay bet.

Parlay 3: Placing three single bets within one parlay bet.

Parlay 4: Placing four single bets within one parlay bet.

The calculation process for parlay betting involves determining the corresponding parlay odds for each scenario of the bet, including full win, half win, half loss, and draw. Each scenario corresponds to a specific parlay odds ratio.

Calculating Parlay Bets for Full Wins:

Parlay Odds Ratio = Odds Ratio of Bet 1 x Odds Ratio of Bet 2 x ... x Odds Ratio of Bet n. Winnings from Parlay Bet = Parlay Odds Ratio x Amount Wagered.

Calculating Parlay Bets for Half Wins, Half Losses, and Draws:

For Half Win Results: [(Odds Ratio – 1)/2] + 1. For Half Loss Results: Parlay Odds Ratio is 0.5. For Draw Results: Parlay Odds Ratio is 1. Winnings from Parlay Bet = Parlay Odds Ratio x Amount Wagered.


Here's a detailed example of calculating parlay bet winnings for Asian Handicap and Over/Under bets. Suppose you place a 100,000 VND parlay bet on the following match odds:

Bet 1: Asian Handicap bet on AC Renate vs. Albinoleffe with a handicap of 0 – 0.5, odds of 0.87. Bet 2: Over 2 goals bet on Legnago Salus vs. Novara, odds of 0.93. Bet 3: 1×2 bet on Lunmezzale vs. Pro Sesto, odds of 2.00. Bet 4: Asian Handicap bet on Alessandria vs. Pro Patria with a handicap of 0 – 0.5, odds of 0.97. Assuming the match results are as follows:

Full Win Result: AC Renate 2 – 0 Albinoleffe > Parlay Odds Ratio = 0.87. Half Loss Result: Legnago Salus 3 – 0 Novara > Parlay Odds Ratio = 0.5. Draw Result: Lunmezzale 0 – 0 Pro Sesto > Parlay Odds Ratio = 1. Half Win Result: Pro Patria 0 – 1 Alessandria > Parlay Odds Ratio = [1 + (0.97 – 1)/2] = 0.985.

Parlay Odds Ratio = 0.87 x 0.5 x 1 x 0.985 = 0.428475.

Winnings from Parlay Bet = 100,000 x 0.428475 = 98,500 VND.

Step-by-Step Guide to Placing Parlay Bets on W88 for Beginners:

Step 1: Login to W88 & Select the Sports Section

Login to your W88 account using the provided links. After logging in, navigate to the Sports section and choose the betting lobby that suits you.

Click on (1) LOGIN on the W88 homepage and visit post how to deposit at w88. Select (2) SPORTS, then choose a betting lobby within W88. Next, click on (3) PLAY NOW in the BTi Sports lobby.

Step 2: Choose Football Matches and Parlay Bets

Select the football sports category, where you'll find live or upcoming football matches with various betting odds. Choose multiple betting odds for the matches you're interested in.

Choose the football sports category (4) Football on the left sidebar. Select multiple (5) Betting Odds for the desired matches.

Step 3: Complete Placing Parlay Bets on W88 (continued)

After selecting the betting odds, your bet slips will appear on the left side of the betting board. Fill in the bet amount and click Place Bet to finalize your bet slip.

Fill in the (6) Bet Amount, for example, 100, indicating that you're betting 100,000 VND. Select (7) Place Bet to confirm your parlay bet on W88. If all your bets win, you'll receive a winning amount of 2,364,000 VND, which is displayed above the Place Bet box, eliminating the need for complex calculations. In case of different outcomes, you'll need to calculate accordingly.

03 Tips for Successful Parlay Betting with 10 Bets Winning All 10:

The following 03 parlay betting tips could be the key to achieving victories and earning significant profits. Read and apply them intelligently to achieve the best results.

Tip 1: Increase Winning Odds with Single Match Parlays: To ensure success, focus on single-match parlays, concentrating on observing and thoroughly researching the teams. Use analytical skills to analyze recent data of the teams to make accurate predictions. If you're a new player without enough experience, refrain from parlaying multiple matches as the risk of losing is high when you don't have complete information.

Tip 2: Execute Timely Parlays: Executing parlays is a strategy that allows players to adjust their bets after placing the initial bet based on match developments or newly received information. Parlay execution helps reduce the risk or optimize benefits depending on the specific situation. Effective parlay executions include betting against the initially bet team when the opposing team scores and demonstrates dominance, or adjusting the bet odds.

Tip 3: Parlay Betting on Matches with High Odds: Knowing how to view football betting odds on W88 and choosing the right parlay bets on matches with high odds is a betting strategy that players often apply to maximize profits. However, this also comes with high risks. Players need to have extensive knowledge of the teams, player conditions, and other factors that may affect match outcomes.


We hope the information above has helped you understand parlay betting on W88 and how to place bets to achieve greater profits. Claim W88 promotion rewards, enjoy the exciting betting experience, and seize the opportunity to win big and w88 withdrawal.


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