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Transformers Pdo EXCLUSIVE

ABB will be responsible for engineering, procurement, and construction of the stabilization plant, including project management, training, testing, and on-site support for operation, and maintenance after start-up. In addition, ABB will supply power equipment such as low and medium-voltage switchgear, power transformers, an electrical control system, as well as continuous emission-monitoring systems, and other analytical instrumentation.

Transformers Pdo

The Special Economic Zone at Duqm (Sezad), in cooperation with the Rural Areas Electricity Company (Tanweer), has completed the construction of main electricity transformers station in the Fisheries and Food Industries Zone.

However, the main station contains a number of electrical transformers, control rooms, measurement and protection equipment and devices, and SCADA control and monitoring system. The station feeders operate on 33 kV annular voltage to ensure continuous power supply to the projects in case of any feeder gets an emergency failure. The station will feed the current and future electrical loads in these areas. 350c69d7ab


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