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Mahakumbh Serial All Episodes 29

When Udiya Baba tries to save Rudra, the bomb explodes, but Rudra escapes unhurt. The burning effigy falls over Udiya Baba and he is badly hurt. Rudra brings him out of the fire miraculously. Udiya Baba is treated, but does not have long to live. He pleads Rudra to bring his wife for a final meeting. Rudra brings his wife and Udiya Baba passes away peacefully. However, Rudra realises that the Garuda Birthmark on his back is responsible for danger over his loved ones. He tries to peel it away with his rope, but is stopped by Mai Mui. Khoya Paye Pandey says that he knows Rudra's parents and takes Rudra to Balivesh where he is captured but later with help of his extra-ordinary powers escapes from Balivesh's clutches. Rudra escapes from Mai Mui as he thinks that Udiya Baba had died because of him and meets a vulgler who also has a garuda symbol like him later he comes back to Mai Mui. After some years leap Rudra is a grown up and he cemetres dead bodies in a river side. He meets maya with whom he later falls in love with, later mai mui was also killed by khoye paye pandey. Maya takes rudra to allahabad to her uncle Balivesh. Balivesh with his father wanted to kill Maya for a sacrifice. On one night rudras father sivanand comes back. He reveals to rudra that he is a garud and shivanavd is garud head.there are 7 garudas who saves the amrit. They had to find the other 5. Catherine a foreigner girl comes to allahabad to explore mahakumbh and the boy whom rudra had met in the escape was sent by shivanand's teacher both are revealed to be garud. A woman who lived in the river side who is believed to be mentally ill is also a garud. An old woman resembles mai mui enters and is revealed to be a garud. A government officers who was finding cur for bad water of ganga is the 7th and last garud.The naga clan is revealed. Mai mui look a like wakes rudras and then all the garudas powers. In the end, Rudra defeats the Nagas and sacrifices himself to save the people from the dangerous consequences of the venom of the snakes he defeated.

Mahakumbh Serial All Episodes 29

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Rajesh Shringarpure (born 29 October 1977) is an Indian film and television actor who appears in Hindi cinema and Marathi cinema.He is currently playing the role of Malhar Rao Holkar in television serial Punyashlok Ahilyabai on which is being aired on Sony Television.[3]

Shringarpure worked in a Hindi serial, Sahib Biwi Gulam, co-starring Raveena Tandon and Ayub Khan, on Sahara One. He also did serials including Saarrthi on Star Plus as Lord Krishna) and Char Divas Sasuche, a Marathi daily on ETV Marathi. He gained popularity from films including Zenda and Swarajya Marathi Paul Padate Pudhe.[6]He was also the All India parade commander at Rajpath. 350c69d7ab


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