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Disney Vacation Club is perhaps one of the most popular timeshare brands among families, and of course, Disney adults. The Disney timeshare brand revolutionized vacation ownership as we know it today, offering flexible points-based ownership, special perks and discounts, and beautiful resort properties around the country.

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Known as Disney Vacation Club, or DVC for short, Disney timeshares allow Disney lovers and families the ability to own a piece of their favorite resort with priority access to make reservations. Owners can stay in the top Disney resorts in Orlando, California, Hilton Head Island, Hawaii, or Vero Beach.

The first Disney Vacation Club property opened its doors in 1991 and has since massively grown with fifteen resorts across the United States. To become a member of the Disney Vacation Club, you can purchase DVC points while on a timeshare presentation or the DVC resale market.

Disney Vacation Club works by offering points-based ownership, meaning owners receive an annual allotment of points that they can spend like vacation currency. When you purchase a DVC timeshare, your contract indicates how many points you receive every year.

If you decide that a Disney timeshare is worth it, you can buy DVC points directly from Disney Vacation Club. At every DVC property, there is usually a desk or kiosk in the main lobby where you can inquire about membership and sign up for a tour.

When it comes to timeshare resales, Disney has no equals. Just look at this list of the top 25 best-selling timeshares on the resale market, which is dominated by DVC. Aside from a couple of luxury products by Marriott and Westin, DVC is by far the strongest. Disney Vacation Club resorts occupy the top 6 rankings, 8 of the top 10, and 11 of the top 25.

Disney Vacation Club is a timeshare program that offers family-friendly accommodations and amenities. Disney has a commitment to luxury and quality, and no detail is overlooked at these timeshare resorts. Many Disney Vacation Club resorts are located near Disney amusement parks, and you can find others at popular vacation destinations across the United States.

Disney Vacation Club members have plenty of flexibility in their vacations as they have the option of exchanging their timeshare resort for any other Disney resort to stay somewhere new. Members can also exchange their timeshare unit for a unit of a different size, or split up their owned week to enjoy more vacations over the year. Members also receive discounts on Disney amusement parks, restaurants, merchandise, experiences, and more. Membership is more than worthwhile for any Disney fan!

Disney Vacation Club timeshares are some of the best rated properties available for timeshare owners. Membership points are never oversold or inflated, maintenance fees stay low, and an amazing vacation is guaranteed every year. Buy your Disney timeshare today and enjoy the benefits of timeshare ownership with one of the top-rated timeshare companies.

Many Disney Vacation Club timeshare resorts are located near Disney amusement parks, while others are in favorite vacation destinations across the United States. Check out all the resorts below and choose your next vacation destination!

There are multiple other locations around the world that Disney Vacation Club members can book using their points, including Disney Cruise Line, Adventures by Disney, Disney hotels around the world at other parks, as well as RCI timeshares and Concierge Collection Hotels. Having such a huge list of locations available for vacations is definitely a factor the may make Disney Vacation Club worth it!

First and foremost, the biggest factor when it comes to deciding is Disney Vacation Club worth it for your family is the cost. DVC is quite expensive, and requires a lot of money upfront. It is a timeshare after all, and you own a piece of property. This requires a down payment, potential monthly payments, annual maintenance fees, and the overall price is similar to the cost of a new car.

You can not cancel the timeshare however, you can sell the points on the outside market (there are realtors specifically for DVC point selling and buying). You can also rent out the points if you have points left over for the year or if you decide not to vacation for the year. For people that have purchased their points early on, they can now sell their points for a lot more than they had originally paid on the outside market. I purchased additional points on the outside market once. This was just before Disney made some restrictions to buying on the outside market. The points cost a lot less than purchasing directly through Disney.

The Disney Vacation Club (DVC) is a vacation timeshare program owned and operated by Disney Vacation Development, Inc., a subsidiary of Disney Signature Experiences, a division of Disney Parks, Experiences and Products, a segment of The Walt Disney Company. It allows buying a real estate interest in a DVC resort via a flexible points-based membership system. There are an estimated 220,000 club members.[3]

Disney's Animal Kingdom Villas opened its first phase in 2007 at $17,000 for a membership. By September 17, 2008, Disney Vacation Development had two new time share properties being built, Bay Lake Tower and Treehouse Villas in Orlando at existing Disney park hotels and both were to open in 2009. Bay Tower was expect for its timeshares to open at $18,000.[10]

On October 3, 2007, Disney announced it would open its latest Disney Vacation Club resort on 21 acres it had purchased in Ko Olina Resort, Honolulu/Oahu, with building slated to begin in 2008 with completion in 2011. The resort would offer both DVC units as well as standard hotel rooms for guests of the resort. With the announcement, DVC filed its remaining paperwork to allow its timeshare units to be sold in Hawaii. Three top executives were fired for selling 460 Ko Olina timeshare units for what were deemed unprofitable prices. The Hawaii resort opened as Aulani on August 28, 2011.[11]

In 2011, the company announced that it would no longer allow secondary market DVC points purchasers to use their points on Disney Cruise Line, Adventures by Disney or the Concierge Collection luxury hotel group. In April 2016, Disney Vacation Development also ended the extension of Membership Extras benefits to those who purchase DVC contracts through secondary markets.[13] Disney was one of the last major timeshare companies to eliminate these benefits according to the American Resort Development Association.[14] In 2019, DVC announced further restrictions on resale purchases. On resale purchases made after January 18, 2019, DVC resale contracts purchased for the original 14 resorts at Walt Disney World, Disneyland, and 3 stand-alone locations will only be able to use their points at those 14 existing resorts and not at the upcoming Riviera and Reflections resorts. Additionally, resale buyers at Riviera will only be allowed to use their points at the Riviera resort.[15]

A brisk aftermarket with a perceived high resale value exists for the Disney timeshare memberships. In May 2016, Sharket time-share market research company issued a 2015 resale value list (having a score based on resale volume and prices) which saw memberships in Disney Vacation Club locations crowded out the competitors. Saratoga Springs, Bay Lake Tower at the Contemporary and Animal Kingdom Villas were the company's timeshares near the top of the list.[14]

To be a DVC member, one must purchase a one-time real estate interest in one of the Disney Vacation Club Resorts, and thereafter pay annual dues. All memberships are sold as either a ground lease or a term-for-years. Their timeshare may not be sold in Nebraska.[5] Disney includes a right of first refusal clause in their membership contracts and uses a nonjudicial foreclosure process. The company has only two approved resale companies, Fidelity Resales and Vacatia.[14] Disney also provides time-share loans for the purchaser.[16]

In its simplest form, the Disney Vacation club is a deeded timeshare program that allows you to buy a real-estate interest at a Disney deluxe resort. The program works by buying vacation points that you exchange for nights at a Disney Vacation Club resort. The amount of points you buy is up to you and you decide how and where you want to use them.

Another option that is open to all Vacation Club members is to use your points for a vacation around the world with stays at other timeshare resorts through Interval International. These vacations won't have the same Disney touches, but do allow you to book prepaid stays around the world. Note, however, that transferring your points for other timeshare stays may not give you the greatest value for your points.

Members looking to sell their DVC timeshare points are in the most envious position in the timeshare industry, due to the impressive demand for the product. Disney timeshare points generally hold their value better than any other timeshare program in the world, due to the strength of the Disney brand and the entertainment products associated with the behemoth known as The Walt Disney Company.

Disney Vacation Club does not have an in-house resale department, so while they may buy back through their Right of First Refusal program (discussed later in this article), they do not offer to resell Disney timeshare points for owners on the secondary market. They say so clearly on their website, so there is no ambiguity about whether they can help owners looking to sell.

What Disney does recommend is that owners use a licensed timeshare resale broker if they want to sell their DVC points. This is at least a step in the right direction, even if Disney does not suggest specific companies or mention a dedicated program like other branded timeshare companies.

When a buyer is found for a Disney timeshare resale, the sale is referred to Disney and they assess the sale price agreed to by both parties. If the amount is considered too low, Disney will consider buying back the timeshare points. If the amount is considered high enough, Disney will allow the sale to go through. In either case, the seller will be able to sell their points, either to Disney or to the new buyer, but they will need to have a buyer lined up first. 041b061a72


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