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Imbue skills of mindful listening and visualization in your kids

Storytelling is about caring, sharing, and passing on those values and beliefs in a more healthier way. At KathArth, we encourage kids to listen and interpret stories narrated in the yesteryears and form their perceptions. For clarity of ideas, it is imperative to use explicit expressions to outpour innermost thoughts and feelings. We at KathArth strive towards cultivating good reading habits and encourage developing the creative side of kids. 


We aim to create a child-friendly community that possesses powerful listening skills, who can convey their thoughts and emotions innovatively. 

(OU)R Ways 


The stories which parents hear from their childhood are embedded in their memories, and while narrating, they try to focus on retaining it in enthusiastic young minds. 


While retelling a story, the child attempts to visualize the sequence of events in their mind, and the illustrations in their memory are based on our narrative skills


After retaining and retelling, reinforcing the content of the story can be materialized by constant reading and writing

Kids Playing Tug of War

Our Priorities


Encourage kids to communicate their thoughts and emotions

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