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About us

KathArth is derived from two words Katha and Arth where Katha means story and Arth means meaning. We at Katharth strongly believe in the Power of Storytelling which is central to our mission.

This mission is embodied in our stories which express values and beliefs. We at KathArth aim to inculcate good listening and reading skills at a very early age in young kids through the Art of storytelling.  We conceptualize the above - mentioned ideas through methods such as voice modulation, expressions, sounds, gestures and body language. At KathArth, creativity of the budding minds are shaped to such a great extent that the ideas invariably have an effect on how they interact with one another in their day to day lives. The process of storytelling assists in the development of EQ, critical and analytical thinking by sharing and showing emotions. As a matter of course, it helps in establishing good rapport with one another and they succeed in their mission of executing their thoughts in the best possible manner. 

Our goal is to provide a safe space and encourage children to open up their innermost thoughts without any hesitation. Innumerable stories are narrated which enable the children to form their own paradigms, based on their understanding and personal experiences. Simultaneously, this helps in not only boosting their confidence, but also in enhancing their listening skills.

About the Founder

“Storytelling is a quandering art and we need to uplift it”

It all starts with a thought, or in KathArth - a Story. Suruchi Sharma’s unique talent of organizing the thought process in story, which she inculcated in children  encouraged young kids to  share  their views .  The ideation of KathArth was initiated during spring break with the start of this pandemic when the intense desire to involve and evolve kids in the process of storytelling was bubbling inside her mind. The main focus was on the mindset of kids where the entire concentration was in arousing their imagination, enhancing their listening skills and in awakening their curiosity. Having a strong background from human resources, she is an extrovert who constantly tries to develop self confidence in children by making them believe in their own inner potentials.


With her excellent team management skills, she handles her students with her undying passion and extraordinary enthusiasm for story telling. The storytelling process was a kind of affirmation and reassurance for them to be energetic and enthusiastic while interacting with others. The founder of KathArth aims to create a positive and powerful impression on these young minds through the medium of storytelling.

Kids & Parents Love



"KathArth empowers the kids to speak out their own thoughts, their own ideas about how they visualize themselves, others in the society, their family and friends. It teaches them to respect, follow discipline, learn, grow and give back to the community. I like the way classes are structured and organized in different age groups allowing kids to participate, debate, and talk on the topic to share their view. I have seen a good change in my kid ever since she has joined the KathArth sessions. She has opened up more in expressing her thoughts, teachings, etc. and tries to reciprocate the same in her day-to-day life. I truly admire all the work Suruchi has put together for this very great initiative and appreciate all her hard work. Looking forward to seeing more kids getting benefited out of this!"

- Krishna Dodia (Simone's Mom)

Why do kids love   KathArth ?

katharth (2).png

Katharth is an amazing program that lets me learn tons of new things on the horizon of life. During lockdown, when there were so much emotional imbalance and insecurities, I signed up for Katharth. It helps me socialize with my age group. I have learned how to hold discussions and talk about your opinion which is the key criteria for public speaking. Why Katharth? In these months I read stories that taught me to never give up, doing the right thing based on my experience, time management, and much more. 


What do I like most about Katharth? I like when we engage, we have group discussions based on current topics. I like to debate because I can express my opinions and feelings. During those discussions, I tend to speak more than I usually do as I feel comfortable about my approach in breakouts or groups. In Katharth we interact a lot on different topics. Katharth isn’t only learning there is a lot of engagement with everyone else in the class. When you join Katharth you will see a ginormous change in you!!!

- Anish R (9 years old)

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